Acle Kahney – Trippin Clip

Michael Jackson - Dangerous

And now for something unexpected – Michael Jackson vocals on a metal track. This is Acle Kahney’s “Trippin Clip”.

We rarely cover rock or its various offshoots but we’re making an exception for this brilliant mashup. Acle Kahney is an audio engineer and musician for metal band TesseracT and “Trippin Clip” is the result of some sonic experimentation and a Michael Jackson acapella. MJ was no stranger to the rock world of course, having collaborated with Eddie Van Halen, Steve Stevens and Slash during his career. This is a brilliant exhibition of Mike’s vocal versatility, shining through Acle’s pulsating rhythm and diamond-cutting guitar. A fitting tribute to the late pop maestro’s 25th anniversary of Dangerous this year.

You can check out more from Acle with TesseracT on Soundcloud and Facebook or through his own SC account.

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