VIDEO: Angry Man Goes Off On A Trumpet Player In NYC


An angry man in New York didn’t take too kindly to the performance from a trumpet player and made his feelings known.

Heckler videos on YouTube can either be hilarious, cringeworthy or both. But comedy gold is found in videos showing fans having a pop at performers off stage, particularly outside. One angry man decided to direct his disgruntled tirade at a street performer in New York and didn’t hold back, with comments such as “get the f*ck out of my neighbourhood” and “you’re a mediocre piece of sh*t”. Unperturbed by the criticism, the trumpeter continued playing which lead to the angry man to wield his bag ready to fight. In defence of the crazed dude (who looks and sounds like The Critic), the street performer did sound pretty bad.

Stream the craziness below.

(thanks to jazz critic and historian Ted Gioia for tweeting this)

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