Dapper Rapper: Reebok’s Hip Hop Appreciation Pack

Reebok show love for the golden age with their Hip Hop Appreciation Pack, a selection of classic hip hop sneaker designs. We’ve seen a whole heap of hip hop inspired sneakers (or “trainers”…


Madvillainy: A Decade Later

Ashton James Brown gives his own insights into what made Madvillainy so special, 10 years after its release. Hip hop’s underground is often cited as the metaphorical promised land of the genre. A…



Our Saturday Matinée feature presentation is PressPausePlay, a documentary asking whether our digital culture is producing better art or whether raw natural talent is getting phased out. The internet is a powerful thing….

A Palestinian boy looks at one of six new images painted by British street artist Banksy as part of a Christmas exhibition in the West Bank town of Bethlehem

CULTURE: Graffiti As Mass Communication

Sampleface’s woman of culture Bee looks at graffiti and its use as a form of mass communication. Hip hop as an identity is articulated in several ways. It is of course expressed musically…


Put Yourself On Classic Blue Note Album Covers For Their 75th Anniversary

To celebrate the iconic label’s 75th anniversary, you can put your face on classic Blue Note album covers with their Facebook app. Cover art just isn’t what it used to be. Whether it’s…


Buzzfeed’s 24 Things You Should Know Before Starting A Vinyl Collection

Everyone’s favourite website Buzzfeed give their selection of 24 things you should know before starting a vinyl collection. We’ve discussed the resurgence of vinyl records on a number of occasions and it seemed…


THROWBACK THURSDAY: Tracy Chapman – Talking ‘Bout A Revolution (Live At Nelson Mandela’s 70th Birthday Tribute Concert, 1988)

In light of his passing, we have dedicated this week’s Throwback Thursday to Nelson Mandela with Tracy Chapman’s Talking ‘Bout A Revolution, performed at his 70th Birthday Tribute concert. It comes with great…


7 Music Biopics You’ll Never See

With Miles Davis being the latest musician to have a biopic made about him, we choose 7 music biopics Hollywood probably won’t make. We’re in the era of the music biopic. In the…


Leftover Links #13: Rare Grooves, White Labels And Crate Digging

Our latest edition of Leftover Links is dedicated to those rare grooves and crate digging exploits from the interwebz. It’s been three months since our last visit to Leftover Links and this one…


ONE TO WATCH: The Music Snobs

Music podcast The Music Snobs is our One To Watch. I’ve throwing a curve ball with the latest selection for One To Watch in that I haven’t chosen an artist or producer. The…

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