CULTURE: Graffiti As Mass Communication

Sampleface’s woman of culture Bee looks at graffiti and its use as a form of mass communication. Hip hop as an identity is articulated in several ways. It is of course expressed musically and lyrically through the production of beats and rap music and expressed physically by breakdancers. For the visual artists there is graffiti, […]

THROWBACK THURSDAY: Tracy Chapman – Talking ‘Bout A Revolution (Live At Nelson Mandela’s 70th Birthday Tribute Concert, 1988)

In light of his passing, we have dedicated this week’s Throwback Thursday to Nelson Mandela with Tracy Chapman’s Talking ‘Bout A Revolution, performed at his 70th Birthday Tribute concert. It comes with great sadness to announce the passing of Nelson Mandela at the age of 95. The former South African president and activist died peacefully […]

SATURDAY MATINÉE: Terminal Bar: Seedy Stories From Times Square In The 70s

Photographer and former bartender Sheldon Nadelman shot hundreds of photos during his ten-year stint at New York’s seedy Terminal Bar. This is his son’s documentary about his father’s experience and the customers who visited. We’ve tended to have something of a 70s blaxploitation slant with some of our Saturday Matinée features and this one is […]