How Did I Miss That


Knxwledge’s FΔithEvΔnsHeartU passed us by… until now. The Auracle casts his beady eye over the rework. First things first: wow. If there was ever a word to summarise what you’re about to listen…


How Did I Miss That: Dez Harley – Foreshadow

Rapper Dez Harley flowed over a DOOM beat last year and we missed it. Allow us to redeem ourselves… Artists on Bandcamp showing their idolisation of the 80s and 90s is nothing new….


How Did I Miss That: Edward Scissortongue – Spastic Max

In our latest How Did I Miss That, we shine a light on Edward Scissortongue and his dark tale of Spastic Max. Edward Scissortongue’s LP “Better Luck Next Life” was heavily slept on….


HOW DID I MISS THAT: Imogen Heap – Hide & Seek (Yinyues Remix)

Reinventing what many consider to be Imogen Heap’s penultimate track requires perfect execution. Not only has Yinyues done that, he’s produced the best remix of it. Ever. The Imogen Heap track in question…


How Did I Miss That: M-phazes – I Like The Way

It’s been a year since M-phazes uploaded his flip of Hi-Five’s I Like The Way to Soundcloud but it still goes… Before Black Milk’s Sunday’s Best/Monday’s Worst gave me concussion due to excessive…


How Did I Miss That: Waajeed & The Jazz Katz – Marvin vs. WJK (2006)

Waajeed got his sexy soulful groove on with this rework of Marvin Gaye’s I Want You. Our man Waajeed is known for playing with the stereotypes of the music industry as he discussed…


How Did I Miss That: Iamsu! – Hipster Girls

Cali’s Iamsu! dropped an ode to hipster girls and it missed our attention. Until now. It took me over a year before I finally joined Instagram and Iamsu!’s “Hipster Girls” actually explains why….


How Did I Miss That: Michael Jackson – Rock With You (The Reflex Revision)

Michael Jackson’s Rock With You got the disco remix treatment from The Reflex and it’s free to download. Apart from the obvious question “how did we miss this remix?”, we also have to…

Robot Soup

How Did I Miss That: Starchild – “All Is Fall”

Last year, Starchild reminded us all that the seasons were about to change with his winter warming jam “All Is Fall”. On almost a year to the day, our editor-in-chief conjured up a pre-winter warmer…


How Did I Miss That: Knxwledge – karma.loops.prt3

Clearly we either had too much good music to partake in June 2012 because we somehow managed to miss this positively awesome album from Philly’s own Glen Booth aka Knxwledge. The Auracle reporting…

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