Interview: Aria Jay

Aria Jay

We interviewed Aria Jay about her latest release, Growth. Pink isn’t at the top of my favourite colour list but it’s starting to grow on me thanks to Aria Jay. The pastel rose hues of her Instagram are a perfect accompaniment for a brilliant musician. Aside from her visual aesthetic, Aria is a beautiful vocalist […]

Interview: Deadpoole

We interviewed Deadpoole about his latest album and his thoughts on last year’s music. Luke: Congratulations on the new album. Would you say this is your best to date? Deadpoole: Thanks so much. I think so, even right from when first I started out I was always working towards an album. The three EP’s that […]

INTERVIEW: Taelor Headless

Ashton James Brown brings us an interview with the Mastermind behind the “Streetwear” brand, Headless Flywear… We first encountered Headless Flywear way back in February of 2014. While that may seem like a relatively short expanse of time, in this internet age where information is exchanged at breakneck speed, a little over two years is […]

Interview: Davu Flint

We interviewed Philly’s Davu Flint about his musical upbringing, how his home state has moulded his music and another life as an international gigolo. Of all the social media I use, Facebook is arguably the worst for content that doesn’t make me want to throw my laptop out of my bedroom window. However, I’ve done […]

Interview: Sumochief

Ashton James Brown interviewed the exciting jazz/hip hop quartet Sumochief and discussed their origins, their thoughts regarding London’s vibrant music scene and how music technology is incorporated into their creative process. The UK hip hop scene has an abundance of talent when it comes to emcees and producers, however live hip hop bands are few […]

Interview: Scott Xylo

Ashton James Brown caught up with intrepid beatsmith Scott Xylo and discussed his love of all things animated, his ideal music tech purchases and his latest project “2003 // HeERO Scott”. Leicester-based producer Scott Xylo’s vibrant brand of electronica infused “Boom Bap” and imaginative concept “Beat Tapes” make him one of the most intriguing talents […]

Interview: Kaly

We interviewed New Jersey rapper Kaly about his musical origins, what he’s working on currently and his choice between ATCQ and De La. One of the most decorated characters we’ve come across in recent times, US-native Kaly (who isn’t actually from Cali, by the way) is beginning to build up a reputation of speaking his […]

INTERVIEW: DarkoTheSuper

We interviewed DarkoTheSuper. Or was it Doc Heller? Dwarf Nebula? Either way, we discussed his latest albums and who/what inspired his offbeat personas. Being fans of some of the most mysterious and eccentric alter egos in hip hop (Madlib/Quasimoto/YNQ, DOOM/Viktor Vaughn/King Geedorah and Kool Keith/Dr. Octagon/Dr. Dooom amongst others), we’re happy to embrace the many […]

Interview: BVA

We interviewed High Focus Records’ BVA about his early influences and his new album, “Be Very Aware”. Today sees the release of one of the most anticipated UK hip hop albums of the year so far, BVA’s Be Vary Aware. The emcee, who is signed to UK juggernauts High Focus Records, drops an odyssey full […]


We interviewed Abjo and talked about his work rate, his fondest musical memories and why “Murder$ in Grandeur” changed everything. There’s no mistaking the talent of Abjo. His music rarely conforms to labels and is loved worldwide. Nobody needs to know what it’s called as long as they know they can rock out and body movement […]