Doodleface – Our New Cartoon Channel

We are proud to officially announce the launch of our new cartoon channel, Doodleface. Sampleface was never just going to be a website. In the four years we’ve existed, we have grown a loyal fanbase, launched a culture channel and created a music collective with a small roster of artists. But we don’t plan to […]

Sampleface: An Update

sampleface logo

As our fourth year approaches, we have had a think about how Sampleface operates. Here is what we came up with. Sampleface has clocked just over 3.5 years of content, covering music and artists from across the globe and ocassionally other dimensions. This couldn’t have been achieved without the hard work of all our contributors […]

Happy 3rd Birthday, Sampleface!

Sampleface is now 3 years old. They grow up so fast… So, it looks like we’re nearly three weeks late to our own party. On 1st October 2012, we officially launched the site and in those three years, we’ve achieved more than we could have imagined. We’ve spoken to the likes of Phife Dawg, Black […]