• Funk
  • Undercover – Undercover Beets (Mix)

    New Zealand beat selector and collector Undercover comes with an eclectic mix of soul, funk, jazz, hip hop, samples and plenty more in Undercover Beets. I’m not even sure I can call this a “true” mix; perhaps a musical salad bowl of goodness. Collector Undercover acts as a member of Sandy Bay Social Club, a […]

  • Free Download
  • RKZ – Science X Soul

    Sampleface’s RKZ drops his latest free mixtape, Science X Soul, featuring the likes of Shawn Sanderson, Kaly and Raxstar. If you’re close to the goings on of RKZ’s music career, you’ll know just how much has gone into this project and for how long. Science X Soul is the singer/songwriter’s latest 14-track mixtape and packs […]

  • Electronic
  • RKZ’s Round Up #3

    RKZ’s Round Up returns for the third time starring Common, Iamsu and James Fauntleroy. Guess who’s back in the motherfu’in hooouse! I was gone for a while but I’m back with a double-barrelled instalment of my Round Up! Combining June and July, I’m giving you some incredible shouts for the summer season. As always, the […]

  • Funk
  • HOW DID I MISS THAT: Pyramid Vritra – Indra

    Ancient hip hop waves are radiating from Stones Throw and the source went undetected until now. Meet Pyramid Vritra and his latest album, Indra. Monikers steeped in mythical or religious tradition are fascinating to delve into and Pyramid Vritra’s name is no exception. Vritra (meaning “the enveloper” in Marathi) is a power-seeking deity/dragon/serpent from a […]

  • R&B
  • Review: Laura Wolfie – 7DS

    The UK is becoming a melting-pot for incredibly soulful, innovative British musicians. With Laura Wolfie and her 7DS EP, she seems to be another perfect example. Concept projects seem to be all the rage at the moment and with ‘the seven deadly sins’ in particular being absolutely done to death, Wolfie really needed to knock […]