SATURDAY MATINÉE: Kraftwerk and the Electronic Revolution

Kraftwerk and the Electronic Revolution is our Saturday Matinée feature presentation. Germans are known for their efficiency (amongst other things) and when it comes to music, they have pioneered in a number of genres including industrial music, krautrock and electronic music. The name that often comes into people’s heads when discussing Germany’s influence on music […]

Oh No Vs. Now-Again Vol. 2

Oh No’s adventures through the worlds of library music has brought him to another Now-Again compilation. Considering my love of hip hop and any serious considering of music outside of the charts didn’t start until late 2008/early 2009, it doesn’t really surprise me that I missed Oh No’s debut album for Now-Again Records. Egon’s love […]

JJ DOOM – Banished (Beck Remix)

Beck gives JJ DOOM’s Banished his own unique touch for this remix. DOOM’s vocals go with pretty much any track by any producer he’s performed with. That versatility was showcased further when Beck was chosen to remix Banished off JJ DOOM’s brilliant debut, Key To The Kuffs. The rumbling synth still remains, albeit it slower […]

Lou Reed Reviews Kanye West’s Yeezus

Rock musician Lou Reed joins the growing number of artists and critics discussing their opinions on Kanye West and Yeezus, in a review for The Talkhouse. Herbie Hancock had his say on Kanye West and plenty of other publications have weighed in with their thoughts on Yeezus but one person I didn’t expect to come […]