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  • Happy 4th Birthday, Sampleface!


    We’re 4 today and we have a request… I can’t believe it’s been four years already. We’ve recently had a facelift and we hope you enjoy the new look. As we celebrate another year of existence, we have a favour to ask you. Samples are our game (obviously) and we want to know what your […]

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  • Point Blank’s Guide to Sampling: History, Development & Techniques

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    We have a special guest editorial from Point Blank Electronic Music School and it’s all about sampling. Sampling is the use of someone else’s recording within your own to create something new. It can range from lifting sections of drums or other isolated instruments to entire musical ideas and right down to milliseconds of material. […]

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  • DJ Concept – Flight Patterns 2

    Flight Patterns 2

    DJ Concept offers a sequel to 2012’s ‘Flight Patterns’ in the form of Flight Patterns 2 (obviously). Four years is a long time in music – just ask Frank Ocean fans. But for DJ Concept, he has been working hard on other releases in that time, from collaborations with Planet Asia to other solo projects. […]