SATURDAY MATINÉE: Michael Jackson Rehearsing “The Way You Make Me Feel” (1993)

This week’s Saturday Matinée features Michael Jackson rehearsing “The Way You Make Me Feel” during his Dangerous tour. The Way You Make Me Feel never made past the Dangerous tour rehearsals so this is all we have. It’s nice to see Michael in his natural habitat and away from interviews and protracted questioning. And let’s […]

SATURDAY MATINÉE: Isao Tomita’s RBMA Lecture (2014)

Often sampled, Isao Tomita is an electronic music pioneer. Here’s his RBMA lecture in Tokyo last year. Isao Tomita’s influence on electronic music cannot be understated. Since the 60s, Tomita’s pioneering work with the Moog synthesizer helped change the perception of electronic instruments from expensive toys to soundscape creators and bridging the gap between “real” […]