ashton james brown

Welcome To Sampleface, Ashton James Brown!

The Sampleface team continues to grow as Ashton James Brown aka Ashterisk joins the team. It’s been a while since we’ve introduced a new member to the Sampleface team but we thought tonight…


Welcome To Sampleface & Happy Birthday, RKZ!

A double shout out to RKZ has becomes the latest member of the Sampleface team on his birthday no less. I don’t think I need to go into too much detail about who…


Welcome To Sampleface, Tay B!

The ever increasing Sampleface team just got bigger. Welcome to the fold, Tay B! It hasn’t been long since Simon joined our contributing team and already we have another inclusion to the roster….


Welcome To Sampleface, Simon!

Simon Boyle, our new contributor, joins the Sampleface ranks. The second new Sampleface contributor of the year comes in the form of Simon Boyle from London but currently residing in the coastal city…

beat gates

Welcome To Sampleface, Beat Gates!

Welcome to Sampleface, Beat Gates! A new year has brought us a brand new contributor! Readers of Sampleface will know Beat Gates from when we featured him as a One To Watch. Well,…


Welcome to Sampleface, LD Henriquez!

Our team has expanded once more with the acquisition of writer and poetess LD Henriquez. You may recognise that name from a previous post about King I Divine’s dope cut Fly. Clearly she’s…


Welcome To Sampleface, Bee!

Looks like we have ANOTHER addition to the crew. This is Bee and she’ll be covering the more cultural in depth world of hip hop and sampling. It’s always refreshing to hear insights…


Welcome To Sampleface, Reggie!

If you had heard us on Twitter, you’ll have heard us mentioning how are family is growing. Well, this is the new addition. Meet Reggie “RJ” Austin, one of our new contributors to…


Welcome To The Family – Geekandspell!

We welcome Dan Finnerty aka Geekandspell to the Sampleface fold. Since relaunching the old music blog, I’ve been writing on my own when I could find the time between work, rest and play…

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