COMPETITION: Remix Benga’s “Forefather” For A $1000 Prize (via Talenthouse)


Dubstep pioneer Benga and creative platform Talenthouse have a perfect opportunity for you Samplefacers out there and there’s a nice little $1000 prize to go with it.

Here at Sampleface we love challenges like this. In fact, the very name was born out of a challenge Starchild and I set each other when we first met. Our good friends at Talenthouse have brought to our attention a creative invite that could not only leave you with $1000 for what you love doing, but also a vast social media and rep boost. Now, I know what some of you are thinking, “we don’t make dubstep” (not discounting anyone who does let the fact be known, a Sampleface can happen for any genre) but Benga does not want that. He wants an original remix of his current track featuring grime legend Kano as part of his promotional campaign.

I know that the winner is out there. I believe the winner is reading this very post right now, so make us all proud Samplefacers and for more information see below.

Stream Benga & Kano – Forefather

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