VIDEO: How Not To Fake DJ

VIDEO: How Not To Fake DJ

A Croatian TV show demonstrates how not to fake DJ on TV.

DJing can be tough to get into if you’re just starting out, what with the beat matching and all but you’ve gotta put the effort in. Unfortunately, that message wasn’t sent to this guy on a Croatian TV show, “Life In The Trend” a few weeks ago when he decided to pretend DJ alongside a miming singer (unlike BeyoncĂ©’s performance, this is pretty obvious). How do we know it was fake? Because he forgot to put the wires in. Watch the foolishness continue for over 3 and a half minutes as the disc jockey “scratches” on his CDJ’s for what we can only assume is comedic effect. And remember, kids: don’t try this at home.

UPDATE: Just found out this guy is an actual DJ called DJ Shone. This is his website. If you’ve booked him for your party, I’d consider cancelling him.

UPDATE 2: Turns out despite extensive research (Googling and guesstimation), this was a Serbian TV show. Thanks to Beat Gates for the correction.

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