Languid Wants You to Pheel the Love

Dat pheeling in yo' gut.
Dat pheeling in yo’ gut.

The homie Languid takes no days off even on his days off.  Fresh off the last collaborative effort with SoulStarr, Languid’s back with a new LP entitled Pheels and it’s all about that love jones in your bones.

The Zimbabwean-born British producer continues to showcase his talents on this smoother-than-smooth release, further proving that he flip a track at Cirque-Du-Soliel acrobatic levels all without breaking a single iota of sweat.  The opening track (Lookin Gud Girl) is a belter and sets the tone for Pheels exquisitely.  If you can manage to get past the first track, you’ll be reaching for that post-sex cigarette once the rest of the album is finished with you.  As a matter of fact, before you cop the album, make sure you have a neck brace and a towel handy.  I’ll leave it at that.

Stream Pheels below.