ONE TO WATCH – Killing Spree

The Killing Spree Continues…

Very little is known about the American hip-hop producer they call Killing Spree but I can say without any hesitation that the man’s beats come straight out of left-field.  Clearly one that has an affinity for taking inspiration and samples from various things such as J-Pop, anime soundtracks, and even video games; K.S. goes in hard on almost every beat I’ve subjected my eardrums to.  You can download his beat tape from Mixtape Factory by clicking the picture above and believe me: you will not be disappointed.

Unfortunately, there doesn’t seem to be a SoundCloud or BandCamp for him that I could find and trust me: I’ve scoured these here Interwebz good and proper.  Still, you can also access the vast majority of his work and interact with him primarily via his YouTube page.  Take this incredible hip-hop rendition of Simple & Clean, the track some of you might know and love featured on the Kingdom Hearts soundtrack:

And with that, I bid thee good listening, people. Your ears and headphones will thank you. ^_^