Koan Sound
Man iz feelin dis KOAN ting tho STILL!

Meanwhile, in Bristol: two lads with a burning passion for incredible music decided enough was enough and joined forces to form the insane superhuman duo of KOAN Sound.

Koan (pronounced co-anne) is linked to Zen Buddhism and is defined as a often paradoxical and puzzling statement used as a means to gain spiritual awakening and aid one whilst meditating.  After stumbling upon their interpretation of a Halo 4 score from the original soundtrack, it’s easy to spot why the name carries such depth.  The real beauty in the track is that you don’t even need to be a Halo fan or a gamer to appreciate something as ethereal and gorgeous as this.

It doesn’t stop there, though.  KOAN Sound are a real force and each track on their SoundCloud deserves a listen, showing range from the powerful to the blissful. Do yourself a favour and get tuned in to these dudes.  It’s been a genuine pleasure listening to their stuff for the last few days and to be quite frank with you all: ‘impressive’ is an understatement.