• Hip-Hop
  • The MF DOOM Instrumentals Mix


    Get into this short-but-sweet DOOM Instrumentals mix. The mix might only be 12 and a half minutes long but it packs in some of the best DOOM/Madvillain instrumentals. You can find the track list below. Track list Metal Fingers – Mullein Metal Fingers – All Spice / MF DOOM – Kon Karne instrumental Metal Fingers […]

  • Hip-Hop
  • New Track City – A Groove


    Soulful hip hop trio New Track City lay down “A Groove” with their latest track. This is worthy of a few repeats. Fun and bouncing, A Groove is great for cruising down a highway with the sun roof open. Just make sure it’s still good weather. Learn more about New Track City by visiting their […]

  • Hip-Hop
  • Otis Mensah – Computers Outside


    Take a walk on the outside with Otis Mensah and his introspective EP, Computers Outside. The evaluation of technology and its role in our lives is constantly scrutinised. Shows like “Black Mirror” have garnered wide praise for their dark analysis and now its permeating the hip hop world. “Computers Outside” is the latest EP from […]

  • Hip-Hop
  • The Strangest Freaks – Jaffa


    Single #4 from The Strangest Freaks comes in the form of worldly “Jaffa”. We featured The Strangest Freaks a while back when they dropped Check Out The Sound with Dudley Perkins. Their eclectic sounds continue with “Jaffa”, the fourth single from their debut album “Thrills Galore”. The best way for me to describe it is […]