HM Surf – Spinach

HM Surf - Spinach

Norwegian beatmaker and Pokémon enthusiast HM Surf drops a new beat called “Spinach.” HM Surf is a producer we’ve been listening to for a while. The Pokémon aesthetic initially drew me in and then I heard the beats. Smooth and minimal, delicate and succinct. Spinach is no exception with its clean chord progression and soft drums […]

Braxton Cook – Somewhere In Between

Washington jazz composer Braxton Cook finds a nice spot “Somewhere In Between” with his delectable debut. Gorgeous jazz from sax prodigy Braxton Cook. The singer-songwriter released Somewhere In Between in April and love emanates from every note, beat, and lick you hear. As far as debuts go, particular in jazz, this is an incredible benchmark […]

St/rr – NOTIME.

st/rr - NOTIME.

Our editor, aka st/rr, releases his new album and it’s called NOTIME. When he’s not writing for the website, Luke Alex Davis produces music and after self proclaimed “musical rut”, he’s back with a brand new project as “st/rr”. “NOTIME.” has been in the works for a few months and sees the UK producer throw […]

b0nds – alternate route

b0nds alternate route

b0nds takes an “alternate route” with his latest beat tape. I don’t know whether it’s because it’s past 3am here but this sounds particularly dope past my bedtime. Anyway, b0nds keeps it simple with this project. Great heavy drums, intriguing synth work and comical vocal samples. Cover art by j0eru. Stream it below.

15 More Awesome Places For E-Digging

We’re back with 15 more e-digging channels and playlists. We’ve had a lot of traffic for our two posts on e-digging (The Top 26 Places For “Online Crate Digging” and 21 Ways to Become the MacGyver of E-Digging) so we thought, why not add some more to the list? Below is a list of 15 e-digging channels and playlists […]

DOCUMENTARY: The Art of Listening (2017)


Directors Michael Coleman and Emmanuel Moran shoot a documentary “for music fans to rediscover the intricacies and details available in the sounds of their favorite recordings.” The Art of Listening is a documentary film about the journey music takes to reach a listener’s ear, from the intent of an instrument maker and composer, to the […]