• Fashion
  • Dapper Rapper: Monstar Merchandise

    London based clothing label Monstar Merchandise are our latest Dapper Rapper feature. The latest label to catch our attention is Monstar Merchandise, a London collective of like minded people passionate about design and fashion. Before starting up Monstar, the collective had provided work for the likes of Metalheadz and Wu Tang and they have continued […]

  • Hip Hop
  • KLIM beats – LO FI

    KLIM beats went LO FI on his 404 for this release back in 2013. Good music is timeless, at least that’s our excuse for coming to joints late. Last year, Ukraine’s KLIM beats dropped LO FI, a bunch of beats created on his trusted SP-404 although at some points, you’ll wonder if you’re actually listening […]

  • Hip Hop
  • Interview: Sumochief

    Ashton James Brown interviewed the exciting jazz/hip hop quartet Sumochief and discussed their origins, their thoughts regarding London’s vibrant music scene and how music technology is incorporated into their creative process. The UK hip hop scene has an abundance of talent when it comes to emcees and producers, however live hip hop bands are few […]

  • Funk
  • Undercover – Undercover Beets (Mix)

    New Zealand beat selector and collector Undercover comes with an eclectic mix of soul, funk, jazz, hip hop, samples and plenty more in Undercover Beets. I’m not even sure I can call this a “true” mix; perhaps a musical salad bowl of goodness. Collector Undercover acts as a member of Sandy Bay Social Club, a […]

  • Electronic
  • VIDEO: Thundercat – Tron Song

    Here is the video to Thundercat’s Tron Song, dedicated to his cat and featuring the most warped visuals you’ll probably see all year. There’s a collective deranged style of humour from those associated with Adult Swim and it just so happens two members of that clique have joined forces to make a video. As part […]

  • Electronic
  • RKZ’s Round Up #4

    RKZ is back for his fourth Round Up featuring Basement Jaxx, Flying Lotus and Kendrick Lamar. Gather round, get comfortable, stick your headphones on and zone out for the evening. I’m keeping this month short and sweet with a music hit-list full of smooth, powerful, resonating gloriousness. Barney Artist – Space I absolutely LOVE the […]

  • Culture
  • Johannes Kreidler – Music Made From Stock Charts

    Watch as Johannes Kreidler makes “Charts Music,” songs arranged using Songsmith and falling stock charts from 2007-2009. Just a bit of fun and satire for a Sunday afternoon. Who could forget the financial crisis of 2007–2008 and subsequent recession in 2009? It certainly wasn’t a laughing matter then but composer Johannes Kreidler has taken a unique look at […]