Becoming Phill – Electrum

Namibian producer Becoming Phill gets funky with his latest album, Electrum. Becoming Phill is a multi-talented producer from southern African country of Namibia and after an illustrious career spanning over 10 years, his latest album, “Electrum”, takes him on an electro funk odyssey. It features vocals from Namibian singers Shishani and Dantago, and guitar play […]

SATURDAY MATINÉE: Michael Jackson Rehearsing “The Way You Make Me Feel” (1993)

This week’s Saturday Matinée features Michael Jackson rehearsing “The Way You Make Me Feel” during his Dangerous tour. The Way You Make Me Feel never made past the Dangerous tour rehearsals so this is all we have. It’s nice to see Michael in his natural habitat and away from interviews and protracted questioning. And let’s […]