How Did I Miss That: Phonat – Ghetto Burnin’

It ah burn outta control!

It seems a certain 7-foot Italian ex-pat called Michele Balduzzi (AKA: Phonat) managed to fly under our musical radar.

Originally from a village in Tuscany, Phonat isn’t making what you’d call massive waves on the electronic music scene. After listening to the track Ghetto Burnin’, it’s hard to understand why he’s not on the same echelon as Skrillex.  Even Skrillex himself is baffled at how underrated Phonat is.  He’s been quoted, saying: Phonat is EASILY the most underrated producer out there now. Fuck, he’s amazing. I do not know why he isn’t the biggest thing out there.”  The amazing thing about this track and the eponymous album it features on is that it was made in a bedsit in Dalston on a five-year old laptop and the guitar you’re hearing?  It’s a Fender Strat.  Not only does this prove how resourceful Phonat is but it just goes to show what you can really do if you’re determined enough to do it.  Ghetto Burnin’ is a brilliant dance anthem, combining elements of hard hitting house and dancehall [reggae].  Call me crazy but I’d say it’s on the same level of awesome as the recent Damien Marley/Skrillex collaboration.  If you’re in my position and you’ve been sleeping on this guy, consider this the best possible kind of rude awakening ever.