SATURDAY MATINÉE: Terminal Bar: Seedy Stories From Times Square In The 70s


Photographer and former bartender Sheldon Nadelman shot hundreds of photos during his ten-year stint at New York’s seedy Terminal Bar. This is his son’s documentary about his father’s experience and the customers who visited.

We’ve tended to have something of a 70s blaxploitation slant with some of our Saturday Matinée features and this one is somewhat related to that community. Between the years of 1972 and 1982, Sheldon Nadelman was a bartender at Terminal Bar in Times Square, New York and during his time serving drinks, he took photographs, recorded his experiences and the stories from a seedy part of the Big Apple. This meant many encounters with pimps and prostitutes and he addresses this in the documentary, which was put together by his son Stefan and went on to win the Sundance Jury Prize in 2002.

Stream it in full below.

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