VIDEO: Terrace Martin Covers Michael Jackson’s “I Can’t Help It”


Another MJ birthday treat, this time in the form of Terrace Martin’s cover of Mike’s “I Can’t Help It”.

For Terrace Martin to have featured this cover as a hidden track on his latest album 3ChordFold, that really captures the nature of Michael Jackson in a poignant way I’m not sure he even intended. But that level of aptness didn’t stop there as his cover of Mike’s “I Can’t Help It” was just as beautiful, albeit with some vocoded vocals and a warm array of synths and electric pianos. Can I also comment on Terrace wearing a Superman t-shirt in this and my thoughts on MJ being a “superman” of pop music? Okay, I just did. So many unintentional allegories.

Anyway, stream it below and check out 3ChordFold on Amazon.

(via Potholes)

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