VIDEO: White Label – A Short Film About Vinyl


White Label is a short film about vinyl and what it means to music listeners and collectors.

“A short film giving an insight into the lives of people closely associated and dedicated to the vinyl record, the nostalgia it evokes in them, and what it is about this material that has led them into careers centered around it, despite the immense risks attached.” – Alexander Macdonald, about White Label.

You can have your iTunes and your MP3s but you can’t beat the warm crackle of a dusty record on a turntable. Director Alexander Macdonald understands that nostalgia and filmed White Label, a short film about the big black round things that fill our hearts with such fond memories of the past. I won’t bore you with reiterated news of increased vinyl sales┬ábut the format has certainly surpassed the life expectancy given by music critics and everyone loves to prove the critics wrong. With interviews from a variety of people in the record (and we mean actual records) business, it’s great to see fans of the medium talk so lovingly about it.

Stream it below.

(via The Daily Street)

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