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10 Classic Rock Sample Flips (According To The BoomBox)

All-time Classic Rock Sample - Run DMC and Aerosmith's Walk This Way

The folks over at The BoomBox compiled a list of 10 classic rock sample flips. We took a look.

You might think rock and hip hop are separate beasts but their origins and culture both come from the same place. Without going into a music history lesson, blues and rhythm & blues played vital roles in laying the foundations for both genres in their own rights but in the modern era, their aesthetics and sound can contrast heavily. That’s why we need musicians to bridge the gap and while we’ve had many crossover successes (Michael Jackson, Jay Z, Run DMC etc.), sampling offers another approach at imbricating the two genres.

The BoomBox had this in mind when they put together a list of 10 classic rock sample flips and there are plenty of classic hip hop selections in the list, let alone classic rock tracks. J Dilla makes an appearance at #10 with Waves and our overlord DOOM features at #9 (albeit as a guest rapper) but you can guess what makes the #1 spot. If the list was extended, we reckon a Madlib feature such as The Get Over (Move) would be worthy of inclusion as well as anything from Gangrene’s Vodka & Ayahuasca, a proper DOOM mention or anything from Complex’s list of The 77 Best Rock Samples in Rap History (fuck Vanilla Ice though).

Read the full classic rock sample list at The BoomBox and let us know what you’d add/take away.