Leftover Links #10: The Videos #2


Get your dose of new visuals with our tenth instalment of Leftover Links.

With every new track or project come all the usual stream of videos to accompany them. Trust us when we say we get sent/find A LOT and unfortunately don’t get round to posting them all. Luckily, we have Leftover Links to provide you with a roundup of some of the best we’ve collected over the past few weeks. We have videos from the likes of King I Divine & LD Henriquez, Jeremiah Jae, Revolutionary Rhythm and so grab some popcorn or something and enjoy!

1. King I Divine & LD Henriquez – Cumulonimbus Lullaby

A sultry video starring our very own LD with a bath, some bubbles in some places and slow motion B&W camera actions.

2. Jeremiah Jae – Money and Food

Warp’s latest rapper acquisition gets all pixelated and spacey for his latest video, spinning through the grocery store. Digital game Salvador Dali.

3. Young Fathers – Queen Is Dead

A group I had the pleasure of supporting, Young Fathers are known for their generally dark persona and that is convey strongly in the gritty, brazen and monochrome video for Queen Is Dead.

4. Jamie Lidell – Big Love

I loved Jamie’s earlier albums with his soulful jams and smooth vocal performances but his latest self-titled offering took a more 80s synthesised direction. Big Love shouldered much of the transition and had a contrasting accompanying video featuring a group of young black female dancers in blue and gold sparkly outfits.

5. Ghostpoet – Cold Win

RKZ loved Ghostpoet’s new album Some Say I So I Say Light and Cold Win happens to feature both on the full length release and his Meltdown EP. The visuals seem to follow the recent trend of dark rooms (a la Flying Lotus’s Tiny Tortures and James Blake’s Retrograde) and mysterious imagery as Ghostpoet spends a lot of time behind the wheel, except his car is underwater. Make of that what you will/can.

6. Revolutionary Rhythm – Became

Astute Sampleface readers and listeners will recognise the beat as it comes from our own writer Beat Gates. Revolutionary Rhythm picked up the track and laid down some dope rhymes with a lush backdrop of the coast line and Chinese ornamentation. Fitting.

7. Elvis Costello & The Roots – Walk Us Uptown

I won’t lie – news of this collaboration caught me all the way off guard when I heard about it but this video has settled me into the whole idea. Pretty simple stuff as far as lyric video goes – Elvis puts a record onto a player and sings through as paper cuttings spell out the words. Any doubts you might have had about his style melding into The Roots’ will soon be dispelled when you hear it.

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