THROWBACK THURSDAY: 20/20 Michael Jackson Interview (1980)


Michael Jackson’s 1980 interview for 20/20 is our Throwback Thursday this week.

Get this – Michael Jackson earned more money than the biggest earning living celebrity (Madonna) in the last year. While MJ is chilling in heaven, he’s still making money – albeit via his estate and probably paying off debts, but I digress – and that just goes to show how influential the man was in music and pop culture. But back in 1980, his stardom had barely reached the heady heights he’d experience by the end of the decade and this interview with Sylvia Chase shows the reserved Michael we all know today. You can even peep a quick look at his dad with a ‘fro straight out of the disco age. A lot of the footage shows Michael with his brothers performing on their Triumph tour but from the brief moments of Mike talking, you get a sense that he really missed out on his childhood and the love of the stage was his escape from life.

Stream it below.

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