Month: January 2013

Mecca:83 – Nightshift

Free Download, Hip Hop, Soul

Some hip hop warmth coming from the UK and the US in the form of Mecca:83’s Nightshift. It seems criminal that I didn’t mention...

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Shiro Schwarz & Jose Fernandez – Thai Tempo

Electronic, Funk

Mexican funk masters Shiro Schwarz join up with Jose Fernandez on a new track. Meet Shiro Schwarz, a Mexican funk duo comprising of Pammela...

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Tor – Drum Therapy


Canadian downtempo producer Tor relaxes us with some Drum Therapy. For some reason, this fell right under my radar which is strange...

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Happy Birthday, Rakim!


Happy birthday to The God Emcee, Rakim! Today is the 45th birthday of William Michael Griffin Jr., better known by his stage...

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Tay Devenny & The Distance Ensemble – Obulous

Free Download, Hip Hop

UK rapper Tay Devenny collabs with The Distance Ensemble to bring us something Obulous. The closest word to Obulous I could find was...

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Hip Hop Detox – Less Hype, More Music

Hip Hop

Should we be paying less attention to the hype in hip hop and more notice to the goodness right under our noses? In 2001, Dr Dre was...

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