THROWBACK THURSDAY: Michael Jackson's Ghosts

It’s Halloween so why not watch Michael Jackson’s Ghosts? The whole film is our Throwback Thursday this week. Happy Halloween, folks! Whether you’ve gone trick or treating or stayed guarding your house from toilet paper and eggs, we all hope you’ve had a good evening so far. If you decided to stay in and watch …

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Jeremiah Jae - Fun (Dirty Collections 7" Series)

Warp’s Jeremiah Jae announces his Dirty Collections 7” series and new track, “Fun”. After the success of Jeremiah Jae’s free mixtape, “Bad Jokes”, Warp Records have decided to put out 7″ series called Dirty Collections Vol 1-3. Each volume will be released over the remaining months of this year with all illustrations done in the …


VIDEO: "GOD: Piéce de Résistance" (A Short Film by MeLo-X)

MeLo-X releases a short film to accompany his upcoming album, “GOD: Piéce de Résistance”. When it came to short films, Michael Jackson had that game on lock while he was with us but it seems he has spiritually passed the baton onto the likes of Flying Lotus and now MeLo-X. The latter is set to …

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Deadpoole - Tonic

Deadpoole drops an ambient new single, Tonic, and it’s free to download. Here’s something slow and ambient for your Monday evening. Ipswich’s Deadpoole released a brand new track today called Tonic and it’s wavy as hell. The song starts with a swelling synth chord progression before the ambience gets deeper thanks to a rumbling bassline …

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Bugseed - Old Seeds

Japan’s Bugseed releases Old Seeds, a collection of beats from 2008-2010. A mere month after dropping his goldfish ep, Bugseed raided his beat vault, selected some beats dated from 2008-2010 and put them together to create Old Seeds. There are plenty of jazzy loops and breaks, from the frantic sounding “dance on concrete” to laid …


Kendrick Lamar - "good kid, m.A.A.d city" Samples

Better late than never, Hip Hop Is Read WhoSampled drop a sample set(?) for Kendrick Lamar’s “good kid, m.A.A.d city”. “good kid, m.A.A.d city” may have dropped last October, but that doesn’t mean you can’t still get hyped for hearing the samples from it, right? Hip Hop Is Read WhoSampled come correct with a collection …

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WUBU2: Motel Eola

WUBU2 is a new feature where we catch up with the best labels and artists and see “what they’re up to”. London’s Motel Eola is our first participant.


INTERVIEW: Schwarz Dont Crack

Delta Ellisor interviewed Schwarz Dont Crack for us and discussed their inspirations, gigs in London and their fashion interests. The Sampleface team recently reviewed Berlin/New York duo Schwarz Dont Crack’s unique debut offering ‘Charade’ and fancied getting to know the guys a little better. Kitsune Maison’s latest stars were recently in London for two showcase …