ONE TO WATCH: Lily McKenzie

South London’s own Lily McKenzie is our One To Watch. London is full to the brim with immense talent and one of those underground stars is Lily Mckenzie, a singer/songwriter and pianist. After a string of releases, she has dropped her latest EP “Support Machine” featuring fellow South Londoner Giggs. The Brit School alumnus has gone from …

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VIDEO: Edward Scissortongue - Fluids (Greenwood Sharps Remix)

London producer Greenwood Sharps teams up with Edward Scissortongue to provide some visuals for his remix of Fluids. High Focus’ magnificently bearded doomsayer, Edward Scissortongue, has received the remix treatment and a new video from London based producer Greenwood Sharps. Fluids is taken from Scissortongue’s 2012 album Better Luck Next Life and clocking in at …

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INTERVIEW: DarkoTheSuper

We interviewed DarkoTheSuper. Or was it Doc Heller? Dwarf Nebula? Either way, we discussed his latest albums and who/what inspired his offbeat personas. Being fans of some of the most mysterious and eccentric alter egos in hip hop (Madlib/Quasimoto/YNQ, DOOM/Viktor Vaughn/King Geedorah and Kool Keith/Dr. Octagon/Dr. Dooom amongst others), we’re happy to embrace the many …

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