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Mecca:83 – Ain’t Done To Bad

Manchester-based producer Mecca:83 arguably saves the best for last for his final album – Ain’t Done To Bad – with guest stars Buscrates, Jneiro Jarel and Doc Mastermind.


PLAYLIST: Moka’s Sample Wishlist

Need some sample inspiration? Try out these tracks selected by Motel De Moka. Finding yourself in a creative slump as a sample-based producer is nothing to be ashamed of. It’s a frustrating experience but it happens to the best of us. Luckily there are guardian angels ready to haul us out of our ruts and …


VIDEO: TJ Mizell DJing On A The J Train In New York

Jam Master Jay’s son TJ Mizell took the J Train and gave the passengers some impromptu DJing. This video is the epitome of everything that represents New York and hip hop. From the appearance of TJ Mizell – son of the late Jam Master Jay – to the subway train and the makeshift DJing for …

Hip Hop

Noname Gypsy - Cherrypie Blues

Chicago’s Noname Gypsy slips her track “Cherrypie Blues” onto Two Syllable Records’ new cassette compilation. First off, I’d like to apologise for the radio silence. Life gets in the way of motivation at times but there’s always time to change that. Fortunately, this song is good enough to warrant an article. It comes from Noname …