SATURDAY MATINÉE: Isao Tomita's RBMA Lecture (2014)

Often sampled, Isao Tomita is an electronic music pioneer. Here’s his RBMA lecture in Tokyo last year. Isao Tomita’s influence on electronic music cannot be understated. Since the 60s, Tomita’s pioneering work with the Moog synthesizer helped change the perception of electronic instruments from expensive toys to soundscape creators and bridging the gap between “real” …

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Hip Hop


Three is the magic number as KASETA dropped 303 EP on 3rd March this year. Carrying on with our theme of SP-303 albums is the appropriately titled 303 EP by Lithuanian producer KASETA. Acting as a tribute release, 303 EP only contains 3 short tracks but nevertheless packs a lot of variety and brilliant beat …

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Hip Hop R&B

Equals - Nightfall

Gifted The Great + Blakesmith = Equals. Here is their new EP, Nightfall. In the words of John “Hannibal” Smith, I love it when a plan comes together. I especially love it when music is involved and the collaboration between producers Gifted The Great and French-based Blakesmith is a prime example. Their new EP, Nightfall, dropped …

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