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EXCLUSIVE: Scott Xylo - Super Contra Homies

For our birthday month, Scott Xylo has dropped an exclusive joint called Super Contra Homies. We might have been incredibly late to our own birthday party, but that hasn’t disrupted the celebrations. In fact, one of our brethren, Scott Xylo, has provided us with an incredible present in the form of Super Contra Homies. I …


Happy 3rd Birthday, Sampleface!

Sampleface is now 3 years old. They grow up so fast… So, it looks like we’re nearly three weeks late to our own party. On 1st October 2012, we officially launched the site and in those three years, we’ve achieved more than we could have imagined. We’ve spoken to the likes of Phife Dawg, Black …

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Hip Hop By Numbers #2

In Hip Hop By Numbers, we take a look at the latest hip hop news and the numbers connected to them. Here’s part two of our Hip Hop By Numbers series, a view of hip hop and the number that bind them together. 3,600,000 – (Roughly) the number of people who tuned in to VH1’s ‘Love & Hip …


The Akai MPC Touch

Akai release their latest sampler, the MPC Touch. MIDI controllers, drum machines and samplers (most combine the technology of all three) are constantly evolving and now Akai have upped the ante with the MPC Touch. The Japanese company have implemented a 7″ multi-touchscreen to their “music production center”, adding the capability to drag and chop …

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Hip Hop By Numbers #1

In the first of a new series, we take a look at the latest hip hop news and the numbers connected to them. We always associate hip hop with words, sounds and even art but never numbers but they play a part, humorously or otherwise. Here are some rap stats to get your dome around.