Acle Kahney - Trippin Clip

And now for something unexpected – Michael Jackson vocals on a metal track. This is Acle Kahney’s “Trippin Clip”. We rarely cover rock or its various offshoots but we’re making an exception for this brilliant mashup. Acle Kahney is an audio engineer and musician and “Trippin Clip” is the result of some experimentation and a …

Michael Jackson - Dangerous
Hip Hop

Namebe Soul - I Dunno .i

Namebe Soul returns with the stripped down I Dunno .i. Growth and change are inevitable parts of life and music (not the industry) welcomes these transitions without judgement. Namebe Soul has been on our radar for some time and we’re really happy to see that positive growth culminate in “I Dunno .i”. The lyrics are fresh and …


SumoChief - SumoTreats

Ashton James Brown takes a look at “SumoTreats”, the latest and greatest from London-based jazzy-hop supremos, SumoChief. The DNA of hip hop has been imbricated with jazz since its birth in the 70s. From the raw drum beats and relentless energy to the intrepid spirit of improvisation, hip hop has both tacitly and overtly sampled from its forbear …