The Etymology of Sampling #1

If you ever wanted to discover the origins of sampling culture terminology, The Etymology of Sampling will help to explain. In this new series, we will be looking at the meaning behind sampling terminology to find out where they come from and whether their meanings have stuck through the centuries. The first word we’ll look at …

Kanye & The Etymology of Sampling
Hip Hop

Jonwayne - Rap Album Two

Jonwayne returns with his latest album, Rap Album Two. We’re so happy to see Jonwayne back on the beats and the rhymes with Rap Album Two. The LA rapper is on point from start to finish, with thought provoking lyricism and the quintessential Jonwayne beat aesthetic to carry their meaning. No topical stone goes unturned, …

Hip Hop

Keor Meteor - Chlorophyl

Keor Meteor drops his second release of the year. Movie dialogue samples are great thematic tools and Keor Meteor used them to great effect on his latest EP, Chlorophyl. The project has the feel of a 60s/70s cop movie soundtrack and clocking in at just under 10 minutes, you’ll want to know how the imaginary …