Month: July 2017

New Track City – Sunset

Hip Hop

Another summer, another jam from New Track City as they ride off into the Sunset. Shouts to Bem of New Track City for hitting us up about...

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No I.D On Making Beats For JAY-Z And Longevity In Hip Hop


The Grammy Award-winning producer discussed his style of beatmaking and much more at Loop 2016. 4:44 was a success not only for JAY-Z but...

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Childhood Cassettes: Paul Young & Car Journeys With My Dad


Childhood Cassettes looks at the tapes we listened to as young rapscallions. Today, I reminisced about journeys with my dad (alongside Paul...

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Every Sample from JAY-Z’s 4:44


Samples from 4:44 include Nina Simone, Stevie Wonder, and The Fugees. For JAY-Z’s first solo album since 2013, much was expected from...

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Interview: Aria Jay


We interviewed Aria Jay about her latest release, Growth. Pink isn’t at the top of my favourite colour list but it’s starting...

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