The MonoNeon Manifestos

If you’ve watched MonoNeon videos, you’ll have seen some manifestos at the end. Here they are in all their creative glory. We’re assuming you know who MonoNeon is but if not, we’ll be diligent and explain. Dwayne ‘MonoNeon’ Thomas Jr is a musician having played with the likes of Prince and Ne-Yo. After some time …

Hip Hop

AJMW - Loyal

From a garden city in the United Kingdom blossoms an incredible musical talent called AJMW. This is his album, Loyal. I’ll open with a rhetorical question: why did it take me until 2018 to find my favourite album of 2017? I listened to a record number of releases last year since I started tallying them …


ross & clement - coastin

Facebook sucks but sampling groups offer well-needed gems such as ross & clement’s coastin. coastin is a smooth R&B meal with all the 90s-style trimmings. Groove is the main ingredient helped by the sample, Soul II Soul’s Back To Life. There’s a sense of indulgence too, with rich textures and a slow syrupy tempo. Actually, …