Month: July 2019

Lo Dopemine’s Random Music Sample Generator


Randomness is a brilliant catalyst for inspiration. Lo Dopemine’s Random Music Sample Generator is the tool you need to spark ideas.

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A 5-question interview with Hossam Hilal


We spoke to Hossam Hilal and asked him five questions about his life and stuff. Hossam Hilal dropped Ozerk, his latest EP, on 20th July so...

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Hossam Hilal – Overk (PREMIERE)


This is the premiere of Hossam Hilal’s new EP, Overk. We’ve covered some Egyptian music in the past from the likes of Al...

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Starchildluke – BOWSERTAPE2

Instrumental Hip Hop

Starchildluke is back with BOWSERTAPE2, his 8th #Road2Switch album. Knxwledge might be winding down on his output but he isn’t the...

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Kareem Jamal – No Rainy Days + Desperado


The UK rapper has been a busy man and dropped two tracks and accompanying videos in less than 3 weeks. It’s been way too long since...

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