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SONG FOR SUNDAY #37: Kaligraph E – Summerset


Our Song For Sunday, provided by Kaligraph E, is called Summerset.

Shout out to The Auracle for the recommendation. Capturing the pure essence of summer is Kaligraph E’s Summerset, a sumptuous composition with a beautiful guitar sample and electric piano backing melody. But it’s the lo-fi nature that really resonates with me – it’s hazy and relaxing, much like a muggy summer’s day where you can chill in the shade with your favourite cold beverage and enjoy the weather. Kaligraph E would know all about that type of weather, coming from Melbourne, Australia. His work hasn’t gone totally unnoticed by us; his track “Change” was featured on Pragmatic Theory’s compilation Euphonic Elements with much the same style if not heavier.

Stream it below and download it on Soundcloud.