SONG FOR SUNDAY #4: Blu & Exile – O Heaven

Today’s Song For Sunday comes from Blu & Exile’s latest album Give Me My Flowers While I Can Still Smell Them. The album was originally released unmixed and unmastered on Blu’s Bandcamp before being quickly taken down (due to some backlash for the audio quality, who knows). The official release was 4th September. The track we’ve chosen is called O Heaven and it’s one of my personal favourites from this year. Unfortunately, Give Me My Flowers didn’t live up to the hype expected (which I think is a shame because it’s still a very solid album) but I think that’s because Below The Heavens set such a high benchmark for fans and when you have something like that released as your debut, it’s hard to better it in many people’s eyes. But I digress – the song is a beautiful sonic journey through a brilliantly flipped sample from Exile and great lyricism – as always – from Blu. I think despite his issues with the industry, I look forward to more tracks like this in the near future. In fact, his issues have never really affected his lyrical content; if anything, they help to fuel it. But anyway, relax and enjoy. This track is what Sundays were made for.

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