SONG FOR SUNDAY #40: 4hero – Another Day (feat. Jill Scott)


4hero’s Another Day featuring Jill Scott is our Song for Sunday.

Being the unsung pioneers of drum and bass actually gave 4hero a slight advantage when it came to evolving their sound. It meant they wouldn’t be forever attached to the genre, allowing them to experiment and develop. Creating Patterns was 4hero’s fourth album and as a follow up to their seminal LP Two Pages, their stylistic focus shifted towards more broken beat and nu-jazz. One of the best tracks off the album was Another Day featuring the wonderful vocals of soulstress Jill Scott. The lyrics will resonate with many of you, I’m sure, as she sings about not wanting to get out of bed, instead preferring to play video games. If only, Jill. The orchestral style is a stark move from their early drum and bass days but a welcomed one, and the time shift from 4/4 to 3/4 during the bridge showcases the group’s musical dexterity.

Stream it below.

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