SONG FOR SUNDAY #51: Knxwledge. – Trost.[issues]


Knxwledge.’s Trost.[issues] is our Song For Sunday.

It takes a special kind of producer to get me to like a Drake song nowadays. That man is Knxwledge. and the track in question is Trost.[issues]. One of his rare tracks to go past two minutes, the vocals ride over a brilliantly captured loop from The Spinners’ I Found Love (When I Found You) and Knxwledge.’s ticking beat. The track is one of a few standout songs on Hexual.Sealings.Vol.2, including On&On[TWRK] and ThnkAbtYew[ThngsYewNeed]. You can hear his latest offering in the Hexual.Sealings (Prt.6_) series on Bandcamp.

In the meantime, stream Trost.[issues] below.

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