SONG FOR SUNDAY #58: Don-E – So Cold (Azure Feat. D’Angelo)


Don-E’s So Cold (Azure Feat. D’Angelo) is our Song For Sunday.

The 90s era of British soul was an underrated period of music not only in the UK but for the whole industry. It showed that despite the obvious prominence being over the Atlantic in the US, the UK could still be a powerhouse in that department. A hidden gem within the genre was Don-E who scored a hit in 1992 with “Love Makes The World Go Round” but that was as far as his success went. However, he hooked up with former Jamiroquai bassist Stuart Zender and as Azur, the pair produced an album together that was later shelved by their label. One of the tracks was called So Cold and featured D’Angelo on the Rhodes piano. Don-E’s style moved with the times with So Cold harbouring more of a neo-soul vibe in contrast to the more uptempo pop musings from his debut. It’s a great shame that Don’s collab with Zender never got an official release but we can at least be grateful for this track and that he’s still releasing music.

Stream it below.

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