SONG FOR SUNDAY #60: J Dilla – I’m So Glad You’re Dorothy

J Dilla

It’s J Dilla Month so we’ve dedicated this week’s Song For Sunday to the great man.

Happy J Dilla Month! Our 28 Days Of Dilla feature last year went down a treat and we’ll be sure to spread the love for one of Detroit’s finest this month in a more downscale form. To start, we’ve given Song For Sunday rights to Mr Yancey with a beat from his seemingly infinite collection of masterpieces. I’m So Glad You’re Dorothy is a track apparently off a release called “The New Slave Beat CD” which is probably a fan made bootleg but we’ve grown to expect this since his passing. What we do know for sure is the sample – a funky swinging rework of Yutaka Yokokura’s Evening Star. Yutaka is a Japanese pianist, keyboardist and also plays the koto, a harp-like instrument which you can hear in the song. Perhaps the latter influenced the “Dorothy” of the title – as in Dorothy Ashby, someone Dilla had also sampled previously – but nevertheless, his knack of knocking in the funk into his samples lives on.

Stream it below.

Sample: Yutaka Yokokura – Evening Star
Also sampled by: Twista – Ain’t On Sh*t and 7L & Esoteric feat. J-Live and Count Bass D – Rules of Engagement

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