Leftover Links #9: Bandcamp Albums #2


Another edition of Leftover Links and another batch of Bandcamp albums you might have missed including releases from Kutmah, Shade Cobain and Legion of Doom.

While Amazon may have launched their AutoRip service, allowing people to get downloadable copies of their purchased albums, Bandcamp have been doing a similar thing since the get go. On top of that, a number of brilliant albums from both mainstream and underground talents have been released through the site. Here is a grand selection from Bandcamp’s finest.

KUTMAH – KXXTZ: Black Wave Tapes Vol.1

Shade Cobain – TFW Presents: 16 PADS

Astrid Engberg – Poetry Is Gone

Artonius Tsetsuna – Cerebral Therapy: Episode 1

LEGION OF DOOM – 500 (Part I)

LEGION OF DOOM – 500 (Part II)

Noah B – Awakening Power

DarkoTheSuper – I’ve Been In My Mind Too Long

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