SONG FOR SUNDAY #9: Michael Jackson – Speed Demon

Our Song For Sunday today is one of the those “slept on” Michael Jackson tracks.

To commemorate the screening of the Bad 25 documentary on BBC2 last night, I decided to pick one of the tracks off the album as our Song For Sunday. The one I chose would probably go under the category of “slept on” tracks because while it’s an amazing song, it doesn’t get the same recognition as the hit singles. The track in question is Speed Demon. The song was released in October 1989 as a promo single for both the album and Moonwalker. The video, which also featured in the film, shows Michael escaping a group of crazed fans, disguising himself as a rabbit named Spike. After losing them in the chase, he removes the costume, it comes to life and challenges him to a dance off. Yes, Michael Jackson has a dance off with a bunny and it’s AMAZING.

After you watch that video, try and get Moonwalker and listen to Bad. You won’t regret it.

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