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THROWBACK THURSDAY: A Tribe Called Quest Ft. Brand Nubian – Georgie Porgie


A Tribe Called Quest’s controversial outtake Georgie Porgie is our feature for Throwback Thursday this week.

When I saw Complex’s list of “Horrible Songs Made By Great Rappers”, I really wasn’t expecting to see one of my favourite hip hop groups of all time (or Guru or The Roots for that matter, but I digress). Alas, A Tribe Called Quest made an appearance with their Low End Theory outtake “Georgie Porgie”. “What’s the controversy?” I hear you ask. Well, in stark contrast to Tribe’s previous – and future – material, Georgie Porgie harboured some out-of-character homophobic lyrics. (Un)fortunately, the track has been taken off YouTube so we can’t allow you to stream it but maybe that’s a good thing. Naturally, the song was rejected by Jive and reworked into Show Business using the same beat as Georgie Porgie. Thanks for saving us and them, Jive.

While you can’t stream it below, you can stream Show Business and read the original lyrics for Georgie Porgie if you so choose.

Georgie Porgie Lyrics | (via Complex)