ONE TO WATCH: A Yellow Man

A Yellow Man

British hip hop trio A Yellow Man are our Ones To Watch.

Found via a Soundcloud link presented to me by a friend (more on that in another post), A Yellow Man are our Ones To Watch for today. Comprised of Samuel, Emmanuel and Demae, they have everything you’d want in a strong hip hop trio – rhymes and vocals. There’s one slight problem – it looks like they haven’t dropped anything for quite a while; 9 months in fact. But it looks like they could be working on something for this year, if this tweet is anything to go by. Their last track, 3000 Miles Of Youth, was produced by BIT 1 shows the kind of potential the group possess, coupled with a beautiful video from director (and group member) Emmanuel and shot by Paul Akinrinlola.

Stream 3000 Miles Of Youth below.

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