How Did I Miss That: Aaliyah – “Rock The Boat” (Jelani Remix)


German producer Jelani certainly turned our heads, rocking some boats while we were nodding our heads to this Aaliyah remix.

Searching for something completely unrelated on the interweb I stumbled across this little gem. Anyone who knows me, knows I LOVEEEEEE Aaliyah. That’s it, everything she has done on and off screen she was a vision of perfection, that had a voice of an angel (in my eyes).

Anyway, I digress. This 21-year-old German producer by the name of Jelani has done something special and alternative to an already sonically pleasing arrangement. Jelani’s version of this track is available for free download and is from his forth coming project released in June that is Aaliyah inspired and something I’m looking forward to. This track is for me what would happen if Mount Kimbie and XXYYXX met and had music babies. Enjoy!

Check out more music from Jelani on his Soundcloud and stream below.


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