AbJo – Rule The World (Lauryn Hill Flip)


AbJo flips Lauryn Hill into a sharp sounding frenzy in Rule The World.

There really is no stopping AbJo when he’s on a roll. Having released a batch of beats for sale last month, his creative run continues with his latest flip of Lauryn Hill’s vocal part of Nas’ If I Ruled The World. For most, a sample might not be easy to find in a classic like that but AbJo found a way and transformed it in the only way he knows how – with an uplifting siren of a melodic backdrop and Lauryn’s vocals sounding like a call to all of womankind. Let me tell you, this trumps Beyoncé’s Run The World for context and aesthetics. Yup. Say suttin’!

Stream/download it below.

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Luke Davis is a music producer and editor of music blog Sampleface. In his spare time, he enjoys watching tennis and football and reading.

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